Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Service sector dominates list of top Indian brands

A strong brand is a powerful tool for any business as it attracts consumers; allowing it to place and price products and services differently. If a company is able to leverage on this aspect, then it would have a positive impact on its overall business valuation. As aptly put by Warren Buffett in one of his letters - "Businesses logically worth far more than net tangible assets when they can be expected to earn on such assets considerably more than market rates of return. The capitalized value of this excess return is economic Goodwill. "

Today's chart of the day shows some of biggest brands in the country. This list is released by BrandZ, a WPP property. HDFC Bank, Bharti Airtel and State Bank of India lead the list of the top brands in the country. What is also interesting is that - as per the survey - seven of the top ten brands and 30% of the top 50 brands in the country came from the services sector. Another interesting point is that only 7 of the top 50 brands belong to PSUs
The top 5 corporate brands in India

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