Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Advice of Goldman Sachs

   When asked about the saturation of 20 ml glass containing 10 ml water, it is rather difficult for anyone to be wrong. Some would say that the glass is half full. Others would say that it is half empty. But can those who pocket millions for their opinions on financial markets get as lucky? Well it seems that Goldman Sachs has been using such tactics. The result being that few opinions of the financial behemoth always prove themselves to be right! An article in Business insider quotes some of Goldman Sachs most reputed investment advisors. Ironically their opinions are way too divided on the trend foreseen in financial markets. In fact if a client of Goldman Sachs is to follow all these advices, it would be far easier to toss a coin for making decisions. Since the opinions range from being bearish to uber bullish, there is hardly any chance of going wrong. Thus little wonder that Goldman Sachs has hardly ever been wrong despite the erratic market movements. Its clients though are not too impressed even with its track record.  

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