Friday, April 27, 2012

Indian healthcare relatively much cheaper

                                                                   Data source: Deutsche Bank
                                                            *For a basic policy for a local resident between 25-35 years. 

A recent report by Deutsche Bank compares prices of US goods and services to those of other economies across the globe. One interesting parameter, among other things, is health insurance costs. Today's chart of the day shows annual premium paid in US dollars for the most basic health insurance. As is evident from the chart, health insurance in the US is the most expensive in the world. Even Australia, which is the second most expensive country in terms of health insurance, has an annual premium which is less than half of that of the US. On the other extreme, emerging economies like India and China have relatively lower insurance costs. While it is certain that healthcare costs in India are quite cheaper in comparison to several other countries, poor healthcare infrastructure still remains a major hurdle.

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