Friday, July 13, 2012

Do the rich in your country deserve their wealth?

                                                                Source: The Economist

Do the wealthy people in your country deserve their wealth? Or have they acquired it through ill-gotten means? This is a question that The Economist posed to a group of respondents in each country and their answers form the subject of today's chart of the day. As per the survey, nearly 60% of the US respondents feel that the rich in their country do deserve their wealth. So much for the intense debate around the rich poor divide in the country. In India too, with 50% people voting in favour of the rich, the percentage is not bad either and with China is the highest amongst the BRIC group of nations. Reports of there being Oligarchy in Russia gets further affirmation in the form of merely 16% respondents there believing that the rich there do indeed deserve their wealth.

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