Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monsoon forecast has industry on tenterhooks

Typically during this time of the year, what do you think has always been the biggest worry for India Inc? It is certainly the rains. And this year too it has been no different. Thus, the whole of industry is on tenterhooks and is keenly watching the progress of the monsoon as it enters a crucial phase this week. Needless to say that different sectors are trying to deal with the situation in their own unique ways. Thus, while the white goods sector plans to come up with new schemes, FMCG companies are trying to put a lid on price increase. 

Then there is the automobile sector that is having a wait and watch approach. Banks too are in no mood to press the panic button and are of the view that it may be too early to take a call. Whatever may be the stance adopted by different sectors, one thing is clear that even after so many years, a prospect of poor monsoon still sent shivers down the spine of India Inc. We wonder whether this dependence will ever go away. 

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